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Dennis Rodman can be as colorful and unpredictable as his hair.

“You hear a lot of negative things about Dennis Rodman. But you don’t actually know Dennis Rodman,” the former Chicago Bulls star said in the third person. “They just see what they see on the court and see what they read in the papers. They think he’s a bad person.”

In the third episode of the 10-part series on the Bulls’ 1997-98 NBA season, “The Last Dance” showed that Rodman is a complex person. He colored his hair. He sported various body piercings. He was confrontational with opponents and officials. He once dated Madonna and Carmen Electra. But the Bulls also appreciated Rodman’s rebounding, transparency and loyalty so much that they offered Rodman freedom and accountability.

With Scottie Pippen missing the first 35 games while recovering from surgery on his left foot, former Bulls coach Phil Jackson argued that “Dennis is what held us together.” Bulls legend Michael Jordan added that “Dennis was a model citizen to the point where it was driving him (bleeping) insane.” So when Pippen returned, Rodman asked Jackson if he could take a vacation.

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